Alert Your Congressperson!

They say you can’t go anywhere with a blog if you’re not opinionated. I hope it’s come across that I have opinions, but if not, here’s some pretty solid evidence.

Go contact your Congressional Representative, right now, and tell them to vote against H.R. 5781, the atrociously underfunding NASA Authorization Bill coming out of the House.

For more details, go here.


1) Call (202) 225-3121, which is the House Switchboard

2) Ask to be transferred to your Congressperson’s office.

3) Tell the office employee that you would like to leave a message regarding the NASA Authorization Bill H.R. 5781.

4) Politely tell them your opinion.

5) You will have to leave your name and address, but it’s your Congressperson: they probably can find out where you live anyway.

6) That’s it! Just five simple steps to a better future for space!


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