Because I Haven’t Used the “Interesting” Tag Often Enough

Because, as the title of this post states, I don’t use the “Interesting” tag nearly enough, here are some interesting things that don’t really warrant a full post.

First is this wonderful little comic debunking several “moon hoax” claims, although I imagine most of those who read this blog regularly are not in any particular need of it. Use it to explain to those who might not understand.

Less entertainingly is this from the Orlando Sentinel. As much as the Senate compromise bill has grown on me–the recently-released full text representing what Doug Messier informs us is an upwardly-revised version–this is something about which to be concerned. It’s one of the reasons I didn’t like the original Obama plan’s destinations: without a firm goal and destination, it’s just too easy to be canceled down the line. Same with this; it looks like a good compromise–although it’s still too self-serving for my taste, what with all the pressure to re-use Constellation and Shuttle components–but it might get the axe just like Constellation has from Obama.

At this point I’m wondering whether to give the inch and take a half a mile, or to stand firm and possibly lose it altogether. In other words, should I support the compromise bill or not? I’m doubting much upwards revision will take place from here; from what I see, it might end up that the House and Senate bills will rise and drop (respectively) to meet somewhere in the middle. Sounds good politically, I suppose, but practically? I bet it would stink.


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