A New Logo For a New Century

So NASA’s looking for a new logo, eh? Personally, it smacks of exactly the wrong kind of rebranding. I may be biased–I was in love with space before I knew it–but the old worm logo always looked unimaginative to me. The meatball, as it is affectionately known, expresses everything I love about NASA: the feel of activity, the idea of going into space, everything, represented with a slew of well-fitting images.

NASA needs rebranding, of course, but if they think a fancy new logo is going to sway anyone’s minds, they’ve got another thing coming to them. The whole culture needs expression. Find a way to capitalize on that incredible feeling one gets when one watches the Space Shuttle lift off, that immense, awed feeling, the one that makes you glad you pay your taxes if that money goes to something like this. I couldn’t say how to do it–to me, the act speaks for itself–but somebody out there more clever than I am in the ways of marketing could do it.

So, NASA, hire a marketing firm. Some may call it selling out, but endearing yourself to the public–which, by the way, pays the bills and casts the votes–could only be good for you.


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