NPR Host Dr. Moira Gunn Writes About The Plan

This article from the Huffington Post–a liberal blog, by the way–features Dr. Moira Gunn, host of NPR’s Tech Nation, opining–as many of us have in recent days–about Obama’s speech at the Kennedy Space Center. She talks about the nature of business and government–something we’re all too familiar with in the United States–and how they both relate to the space program, risk, and return on investment.

The biggest thing she talks about–in my opinion–is the fact that NASA’s budget is constantly quibbled-over and adjusted by incredibly minute amounts, whereas we spend in three days in Iraq more than what we currently spend every year on NASA. All the much-touted $6 billion/5 years does is give NASA one more day in Iraq’s worth of funds. Which do you think the American people find more useful and worthwhile?

The bailout is already something like $800 billion, and we’re quibbling over a measly not-quite-$20 billion? Small change to the American taxpayer, spread out. Pennies on the dollar, really. Less (I refer you to the video of Neil deGrasse Tyson where he talks about that).

My point is, we sure bicker a lot about the minuscule budget of one of the most important, omnipresent, and useful government agencies. The space culture is too easygoing, in my opinion. We accept increases one-at-a-time and bicker a lot over how to spend it. Dr. Stern had it right: parallel paths are what’s really needed, and pump up the money to get them!


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