The “Right” Stuff–Conservative Politics, That Is.

This post from the National Review–a conservative publication (see a trend?)–is less than pleased with the Obama administrations plans for NASA. While I disagree with their supposition that Obama is deliberately ceding space to other countries, I do agree that the vague promises made in the President’s plan thus far are troubling. For all the problems it created, at least the Vision for Space Exploration (VSE) had a goal and a timeline, it just didn’t have the funding. This new plan has the funding, but no specific goal or timeline. I’m no politico, but it just seems to me that when organizing something of this magnitude, the three must all go together. Clearly, no two can substitute for the remaining one, although perhaps the timeline could include a destination.

But I digress. The point is this: good first draft, Mr. President, but we need more from you. If you’re as committed to NASA as you say–and I believe you are, or at least you think you are–then we really need the space summit your half-hour speech was advertised to be. Sit down with the people who really know what’s going on, just for one day, and hash out a real plan. Something you can set your watch to.


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