President Obama Defends His Plan for NASA at KSC

My first post is a biggun’! POTUS himself, after two months of conflicted reaction to his space plan, flew down to the Kennedy Space Center Thursday to give a speech about his plan for the future of NASA.

Plan includes:

1) More money: Adds $6 billion over the next five years.

2) No more Constellation: Ares is dead, but Orion lives on as an ISS escape pod, with future plans for an interplanetary crew module.

3) No more moon: the US gives up the moon at long last, ostensibly for better and bolder things.

4) Money for NewSpace: Commercial space companies are now expected to take up the slack left behind by the Shuttle.

Well, everything he said is awesome and totally necessary, except one: the moon. The moon is incredible. It’s nearby, immensely useful, full of resources, always faces the Earth. It’s just incredible how useful and convenient it is…and we’re supposed to give it up? To go to Mars? Where are we going to get the experience for living on another planet? Why not on a testbed in our own backyard? And that doesn’t even include the water and material resources already in-situ. It just makes too much sense to ignore.

Anyway, here’s the speech, so you can listen and decide for yourself.


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